France USA Contacts

FUSAC now has a web site. Click here to go there.

France USA Contacts (FUSAC) is an English language magazine available for free around Paris. You can pick up a copy at the American Express office on rue Scribe (Metro: Opera). You will also find copies at almost all anglo drinking establishments. If you don't see it ask the bartender for a copy.

Some of the classified ads you will find in FUSAC: Animals, Childcare Positions, For Sale, Housing Offers, Housing Exchanges, Housing Sought, Job Offers, Real Estate, Sports, Wanted.

FUSAC in the United States: France Contacts, PO BOX 115, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276. Tel: 212/929-2929 Fax: 212/255-5555.

Some locations where you can find FUSAC:

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
  4. Fourth
  5. Fifth
  6. Sixth
  7. Seventh
  8. Eighth
  9. Ninth
  10. Tenth
  11. Eleventh
  12. Twelfth
  13. Thirteenth
  14. Fourteenth
  15. Fifteenth
  16. Sixteenth
  17. Seventeenth
  18. Eighteenth
  19. Nineteenth

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